From time to time we all have questions that pop into our minds, follow the links below to find some of the answers God has given us.


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Salvation issues:

Image result for cross.jpg How can I become a Christian?

cross.jpeg (1218 bytes)  Why do I have to "choose" to become a Christian?

cross.jpeg (1218 bytes) Will God really send people to Hell?

cross.jpeg (1218 bytes)  I was baptized by my parents when I was a baby, am I going to Heaven?


Spiritual Issues:


cross.jpeg (1218 bytes)  Do Miracles really happen these days?

cross.jpeg (1218 bytes)  Is speaking in tongues really for today?

cross.jpeg (1218 bytes)  Why do some people fall down when they get prayed for?

cross.jpeg (1218 bytes)  Is dancing in the Spirit Biblically correct?

cross.jpeg (1218 bytes)  Is supernatural healing for today?



cross.jpeg (1218 bytes)  If God is love, why is there so much pain in this life?

cross.jpeg (1218 bytes)  Does God really exist?

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